In re: Unassisted triple play

How often does one get to see something that has only happened 14 times in the last 100 years?  Well if your a baseball fan yesterday was just such an opportunity in the second game of the Indians double-header with the Blue Jays (how often do you see double headers?  this one was only due to a rain out the day before).  Anyway, the triple play is one of the rarest events in sports (rarer in fact than perfect games) and Asdrubal Cabrera became the 14th major leaguer to make one.  He made a diving catch on a line drive off of Lyle Overbay, ran over to touch second base and then tagged out Marco Scutaro who had already run past second on the hit and run to end the fifth inning.  Cabrera tossed the historic ball to the crowd as he ran into the dugout so the hall of fame is outta luck on that one.  (Cleveland lost the game 3-0 in 10 innings)

See a video of it (i had to watch the reply a dozen times, it may be simple and just a stroke of luck, but still pretty amazing to see)


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