In re: Appeasement is talking?

President Bush has recently been making a lot of dumb statements, some are about his sacrifice of giving up the sport of golf to show solidarity with our troops who are fighting and dying overseas (see story), another unfortunate statement he made was in front of the Knesset in Israel comparing Obama’s pledge (not by name, only by implication) to talk to all countries, including enemies with so the so called ‘Appeasers’ who allowed Hitler a wide birth to do as he pleased as he gathered up chunks of Europe.  The problem with the comparison is that Appeasement does not refer to the mere act of talking to someone, it wasn’t Chamberlain’s Government talking to Hitler that defines appeasement, it was giving away half of Czechoslovakia that defines appeasement.

Some radio host who I’ve not heard of (that isn’t saying much, I don’t know conservative talk show hosts or really any radio hosts for the most part) got bashed pretty good by Chris Matthews in an interview for using the term appeasement and having no idea what it was Neville Chamberlain had done wrong.

Also see NY Times story “Bush Assails ‘Appeasement’…


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