In re: blogging from above

So I am sitting (when I write, not when it gets uploaded) here halfway between Dallas and San francisco in seat 13F and I thought why not fire off a post. I am on my way to SF for what looks to be a great weekend, visiting great friends in a really great city that I only have spent a little time in, and getting some good meals in. I’ll through out my props to the inter terminal transport in Dallas, which is simple and you don’t need to leave security ( a plus for a lot of reasons, the one that came to mind today was not throwing away the overpriced water I bought in Ohio) for comparison sake Newark you need to go through security if you train (I hear if you bus, you don’t but they don’t make that common knowlege.

I’ll leave you with a picture of Ohios domeless statehouse, not the only State with no dome, but the only rotunda without a dome ( apparently the civil war led to the dome craze as troops returned home having seen the capitol building.



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