In re: Pikes place

Just on the way back from a brief visit to Seattle. While there I was able to make it over to one of my favorite spots , Pikes Place Public Market. While it is packed with crowds of tourists, it is also packed with all kinds of great food, from fruit and fish stalls to prepared foods to sit down spots. Yesterday for lunch I stopped by in one of the many alleys at Pikes Place Chowder and grabbed a cup of their chowder of the day, which was Crab and Oyster along with some other flavors such as chorizo and sweet corn. The chowder was great, with a little kick from the chorizo and the sweetness off corn and crab. Gotta give it a recommendation as a worthwhile lunch spot when in Seattle.




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  1. I try to lunch at pike place chowder every couple of weeks – a definite perk to have our Avvo offices so close to the market.

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