In re: Is Jon Stewart the Most Trusted Man in America?

“the best campaign team in the universe ever,” working out of “ ‘The Daily Show’ news-scraper: 117 stories, 73 situation rooms, 26 news tickers,” and promising to bring “you all the news stories — first … before it’s even true.” (Quoting the current ad campaign for the election coverage of the Daily Show)  Is Jon Stewart the Most Trusted Man in America? –

The NY Times answers the question in the title with a resounding yes.  A fairly long article in the NY Times about the the Daily Show (the articles author has nothing but praise for it, which I guess I would agree with).  While I got to admit I don’t watch it as much as the Colbert Report these days it is still amazing and I amazed I regretted the leaving of Craig Kilborne from the show (the original show pales in comparison to the show it has become).  Anyways, it’s an interesting article and I am not surpised nor do I think its a bad thing that Jon Stewart is ocnsidered one of the most trusted names in news.


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