In re: Cowboy’s stadium. Maybe a bit over the top?

If you hadn’t heard, the Dallas Cowboys are almost done building a new stadium and from the sounds of it it’s a bit over the top.  Sounds specially over-the-top compared to some others, especially when you think that Manchester United’s Old Trafford stadium is pretty sparse for the ‘biggest’ team in teh world.  Reading about that fact recently in a book (Bloody Confused) that mentioned their the locker room is pretty sparse.  Players have a hook to hang their stuff on and that’s about it.

When the team’s new arena opens next year, it will be the largest, most tech-laden stadium in the NFL and one of the biggest sports facilities of any kind on the planet. Its $1.1 billion price includes the most ginormous retractable roof ever built, massive end-zone doors, and the world’s biggest hi-def LED screens.

Cowboy Upgrade: Welcome to the NFL’s Next Flagship Arena.


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  1. if you ever get a chance to go to the stadium you need to. i got that oppourtunity when chelsea and club america played and the ticket was worth every penny of the experience you get. check out more of my thoughts and see some pictures of the stadium:

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