In re: McCain Retaliates Against CNN For Asking Tough Questions

I can’t say I really ever watch any of the cable news channels unless I am prepared with a trash can to catch my vomit.  Every now and then I do catch a good clip that breaks the mold of weak journalism that enforces the idea that we don’t really need 24 hour news channels.  One example of actual questioning and failure to buy into the bs answers was shown in an interview with a McCain rep by CNN’s Campbell Brown (some seem to think she was being unfair), but apparently she was ‘too tough’ and now McCain doesn’t want anything to do with CNN and is pulling out of an interview with the ultimate cupcake Larry King.

McCain Retaliates Against CNN For Asking Tough Questions

On a side note, I think that this Sarah Palin choice for VP is going to go down as a horrible decision, and the campaigns idea to defend her as having foreign policy experience and being a tough reformer and a great mom is going to be remembered as a great debacle, if somehow they win and she is a VP I am going to pretty fearful for our country if anything happens to McCain, not that I have anything per se against creationist believers who choose to keep their heads in the sand but I think that this person who chose to go back to work 3 days after she gave birth to a baby and decided that being a VP candidate while raising this baby was a good idea isn’t much for family values, nor is a mother who would put her unmarried pregnant 17 year old daughter through the pain of the national spotlight isn’t who I want running the show either.  Ugh…


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  1. I gotta blog for ya… Yoo’ll love this one.

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