In re: Miles of Aisles for a Gallon of Milk?

“After years of building bigger stores — many larger than a football field and carrying 60,000 items — retailers are experimenting with radically smaller grocery stores that emphasize prepared meals, fresh produce and grab-and-go drinks.”

Miles of Aisles for a Gallon of Milk? Not Here –

I’ve long liked small grocery stores, the Giant Eagle in my neighborhood (Short North) is small (but crappy – in that their selection tends towards low quality products, although they have expanded their organic selection).  Small grocery stores allow more frequent small shopping trips, which is the way I prefer to do it.  I hear they plan to close the Neil Ave GE and open a new ‘large’ one just south of the 670 bridge there in the arena district.  I hope something like Trade Joes comes in (unlikely  I know) but I find I can get pretty much all my needs there when combined with veggies/fruit from the farmers market.  Anyway, interesting article, I was excited to see Tesco (UK) grocer enter the US market (out west) mainly because they were planning to open small shops and compete in urban areas, I bet a Tesco is downtown Columbus that had prepared foods would do well with a lunch time crowd as well as the growing number of residents.


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