In re: Chefs Are Taking On the Whole Cow

Mr. Benno butchers his own pigs throughout the year, and spring lamb and venison in season, building degustation menus that proceed through various bits of anatomy. In the Per Se kitchen, pork shanks are braised, pig tails are fried and pork trimmings turned into classic French charcuterie. The tricky part of whole-animal cooking, he pointed out, is finding an outlet for every part.

Chefs Are Taking On the Whole Cow –

Interesting article in the NY Times.  It is interesting to read that restaurants as well as individuals have gotten used to very prepared meat, some of a growing trend among restaurants are not only going back to whole animals and larger primal cuts of meat, but also getting their chefs and kitchen staff to understand where the animals come from and see and learn about the butchering process.  Coupled with this trend is the push towards local animals who were raised in a non factory environment leading to better tasting meat as well as healthier.  For beef this means grass fed, long the realm of the Argentines whose cattle grazes rather than the norm here which is penned up eating grains among other things (much worse then grain…).  Anyway, any restaurant that moves in this direction I applaud and hopefully diners will react and appreciate the return to an appreciation for a craft (butchering) that deserves to be done closer to the diner, rather than in a Colorado factory on a conveyor belt.


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