In re: The long, slow, torturous death of Zima

There are a million ways to slight a rival's manhood, but to suggest that he enjoys Zima is one of the worst. Zima was the original "malternative"—a family of alcoholic beverages that eventually came to include such abominations as Smirnoff Ice and Bacardi Silver—and it has long been considered the very opposite of macho: a drink that fragile coeds swill while giving each other pedicures.

via The long, slow, torturous death of Zima. – By Brendan I. Koerner – Slate Magazine


In re: Columbus Crew win MLS cup!!!

crewWell its been a while since I posted, not sure why, I was over in England for an amazing vacation and been busy with work, but here I am back in Columbus prepping some food for my office’s thanksgiving lunch tomorrow while watching the Browns turn in a horrible performance but followed it up by a great game by the Crew.  while they definitely didn’t have control of the game early with the New York Red Bulls having the much better chances early the crew took the lead with a great goal from an obscene angle (that really could have been better defended – but I am not complaining).  Anyway, while I am not the most rabid Crew supporter, I want to be and do root for them (went to a few games this year – I’ll write later why I don’t go to more).  Anyway, the MLS might not be the NFL but for Columbus we should be excited, what a great win by a great team.  Credit really goes to the coach who really changed the vibe of the team, the acquisition of Guillermo Barros Schelotto Guillermo Barros Schelotto who may have been a bit washed up in the Argentine league but was clearly still fit to play here.  Great job, great win!