In re: LeBron might stick around?

“LeBron James tells The PDs Brian Windhorst he’ll consider signing extension with Cavs this summer”

via LeBron James tells The PDs Brian Windhorst hell consider signing extension with Cavs this summer Cleveland, Ohio Sports News, Scores, Teams, Results & More – .

While I’ll admit despite all the talk of LeBron leaving for New York or somewhere else I’ve been holding out hope that he would stay for the fact that the Cavs are looking to be the best team he could play for (unless he somehow ended up in Boston or LA – but those aren’t going to happen).  How did the Cavs get so good?  Well thats for another day, but they are looking like one of the three best teams in the NBA right now and LeBron has expressed interest in being with a winner, so why not sign with Cleveland, as they will be able to offer the most money.  Well thats apparently now possibly in the works.  (As a side note, you had to figure Dan Gilbert, the owner was already figuring out how to save his franchise and keep LeBron, and while he is working within limits, I figured he wouldn’t go down without a fight).

Now if only the media can shut up about him going to New York for the rest of the season and then we can see what happens.  Okay?


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  1. All Cleveland service industry employees hope LeBron will just go away!! He will ring up a $850.00 tab at a restaurant and leave a zero $0.00 tip. He feels that it is an honor to wait on him so he doesn’t have to tip them. I have a hundred other stories about his arrogance towards us normal people. Try that in New York and see how long they put up with his pompous self!! He may be the King of his castle but quit pushing him on us as the second coming of Christ. He is young and dumb and too good for anyone but himself. As for his ‘family’ foundation…. Where is his family….two kids and won’t marry his ‘girl’?? I guess it’s “do as I say, not as I do” for Mr. James. Please, Please ,Please go to New York!!!!!!!!!

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