In re: Blu-ray – what’s its future?

Article in Silcon Alley Insider talking about “An interesting argument by Paul Sweeting on Content Agenda: Blu-ray needs to stop pretending it’s a revolutionary new format like DVD and start acting like what it is…a minor quality improvement that consumers won’t pay any more for.

The first order of Blu-ray business for 2009 is an adjustment in strategic planning around the format, by both hardware makers and the studios, some of which will happen naturally but some of which will be forced on the industry.

via Blu-ray, Cut Prices Or You’re Toast.

The basic point I think is right, Blu-ray isn’t as mind blowing (too most people, as probably the jump from VHS to DVD (for a number of reasons).  Unlike DVD Blu-ray is also facing immediate competition not from just the previous format (who is still crushing it – upscaling DVDs are still good enough for most HDTV users) but also from streaming content and digital downloads.  If Blu-ray sits around too long it may lose its window.  (Not sure about you, but over 90% of my music purchases are digital downloads, I am now doing a lot of streaming from Netflix)  (“The quality of MP3 files doesn’t match the quality of CDs, let alone DVD-Audio or SACD. But it has become the dominant music format because it met other consumer needs more effectively than the optical disc alternatives.” the article in Content Agenda )

Disclosure – I am still a bit bitter from the content war – went with HD-DVD for several reasons and still think that it had a lot going for it…Oh well.  Gonna wait a while on the Blue.


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