In re: My First Baguette

For whatever reason, recently I got interested in doing some baking. Without having really looked to much into it I started making some cinnamon rolls (to be clear I have done baking before, but not as much yeast leavened baking – with the exception having worked on pizza dough for a while).

For those not familiar with yeast based baking it is both an art and a science with all kinds of methods to achieve the perfect loaf (there is no such thing). In terms of bread my gold standard for the State of Ohio is the baguette from On the Rise in Cleveland Heights, unfortunately Columbus has nothing that compares. And while we are the subject of gold standard I think I am narrowing this to baguettes for the moment, but like I said there is no perfect loaf and part of this is there are so many styles that can each on their best days be the best. After making some cinnamon rolls I endeavored to stick my toe into the baguette world, mind you I really didn’t know the first thing about the procedure, or if it needed special yeasts, etc.

In the process of learning I kinda went ahead and started a dough, let it rise a few times and threw it in the fridge overnight, and I baked it tonight after giving it a bench proof (that is letting it rise again in its finished form). I wasn’t expecting much from this baguette for a few reasons, one is I knew that doing it at home has its problems (pros have steam infusing ovens for one thing) and secondly the first part was I hadn’t even understood the importance of the fermentation process for creating the wonderful flavor great bread has, even though its ingredients bring no flavors to the table.

I started learning a lot, and found some great sources including a book The Bread Bakers Apprentice that I was able to read the first 60 pages online through Google Reader and have put on my reserve list at the library. From the sounds of it there is a lot to learn, but great bread can come from my oven and I think I can get some great results. Why do I think that? Well I may be speaking too soon but my first loaves, despite not slicing as well as I should (it has a function – to release steam) came out looking pretty good, with a crust that would indicate success (I know the insides may disappoint, but seeing a baguette come out of my oven that looked like it could be in a bakery in Paris was enough to get me excited.)

So while I can’t say I have new years resolutions, I think I may be attempting to do some baking….
The results:


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  1. dude those look amazing

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