In re: Amish Space Heater: Is that an oxymoron?

““I think a lot of it goes back to the irony of the Amish and an electric fireplace,” he said. “How can that be? It’s like skintight baggy pants.”  

Amish Space Heater: Is That an Oxymoron? is an interesting article in the NY Times details the strange product that is apparently right here from Ohio that has been appearing in infomercials and print ads touting the miracle heater.  Although the product has gotten a bunch of criticism for false advertising and for having the strange impression that Amish designed the product, but supposedly they do make here in Ohio (the casing that is, the heater as you guessed is made in China).  But with a state crumbling, why not bank on the reputation of the Amish and scam a few folks…


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