In re: Safari 4 Beta

Being into all things new I installed the beta of Safari 4 on my Mac, I had know of some of the changes, including massive improvements with Safari’s Java performance, among other under the improvements.  The UI also had some tweaks, probably most notably is the addition of Top Sites, a thumbnail view of your most visited sites, kinda like the quick dial some other browsers have had.  Also Apple has added cover flow for history and bookmarks, kinda useful, but I probably won’t be using it much, but lastly and at least for me the biggest adjustment comes from moving the tabs to the top of the screen.  If your using IE 6 or under a rock you don’t use tabs, but tabs were a huge improvement over the method of multiple windows.  The top of the screen is strange at first, and seems kinda inefficient going up to the top (unless your using keyboard tab switching) but I will admit I came across a good use of the tabs when I had a second window open in front I could still see my tabs behind in the second window and jump straight to the tab I clicked on when switching back.

I’ll be curious to see if all the negative press on the new tabs continues, I’ll give it sometime to see if I like it.  Other than those I’ve run into some problems with Safari, including problems loading HTTPS pages, including most importantly Gmail.  Of course those will be fixed before a release, but if your thinking of checking it out keep that in mind.


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