In re: Huntington Park sponsorships rolling in

Huntington Park won’t open for five weeks, but it’s almost a sellout — for sponsorships.

The ballpark’s board has nailed down $39.6 million in corporate money for naming rights and is negotiating deals worth an additional $9 million.

The new ballpark in the Arena District, to open April 18, had promised to raise $37 million from private sponsors.

via The Columbus Dispatch : Huntington Park a hit for sponsors.

Surprisingly in this tough economic times when we have been hearing about the horrors of Citi Groups sponsorship of the Met’s new stadium the Clippers here in Columbus have not had trouble selling sponsorships for their soon to open new stadium.  For sponsors it might be a good deal compared to higher level leagues and the prices that come from that as well as the fact that attendance at the new team is likely to be strong with the new Indians AAA team as well as being an affordable entertainment option.  I know I am getting really excited for the new park and team, seems like companies are too.


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