In re: Korean tacos & twitter

picture-21Yeah, you read the title right, the fusion of Korean BBQ Tacos (a fusion of its own) is big business when fused with twitter.  What do the two have to do with each other?  Well for the Kogi Korean BBQ Taco Truck in L.A. using Twitter to announce their next stop means that when they arrive there is already a big line of hungry customers.  Its an interesting story of how new technologies and old (the street vendor) can combine for something pretty amaz ing.  And don’t forget about the food, their tacos do sound really good.

See the story with a slideshow in a youtube version(I originally heard it on the World Technology Podcast) here, or checkout the Kogi’s blog here.


In re: MLB At Bat for iPhone does NBA too?

[Quick background, MLB At Bat is a program in its second year for the iPhone that now exists as a free ‘Lite’ version and a pay $9.99 full version.  The full version that I have allows detailed stats and scores for all games in real time (or close to) and additionally live audio for the games, often both home and away feeds.  The app is probably one of the most compelling paid apps for many of us and really is a ‘killer app’ one that could drive people (die hard baseball fans) to buy an iPhone regardless of other features.  Unfortunately other leagues haven’t followed or are tied to other carriers with exclusive deals.]

MLB At Bat does NBA broadcasts too?  Well it’s not supposed to, but while multitasking (watching the Cavs, doing some work, and keeping an ear on the Indians home opener that is in a rain delay with my iPhone and MLB At Bat) I came across an interesting instance of digital wires being crossed.  Not sure exactly how this happened but while listening to the Indians rain delay coverage using MLB At Bat (its crazy that for just $9.99 you can get this for the whole season -crazy good deal if your into baseball) my radio feed changed suddenly from hearing Indians fans calling into gripe about the Cleveland weather, the need to add a dome (likely), shorten the season (others strangely wanted to lengthen the season also likely), and all kinds of other rants the feed changed into the play by play of the NBA, namely Memphis v. Phoenix.

So while I had been impressed with the powers of this iPhone app already  its abilities to show me live stats and game casts, as well as live audio, now I am even more impressed, a two sport program, the Bo Jackson of applications, an amazing deal!  (Somehow they switched the feed from WTAM to some other station, either the MLB or WTAM the station up in Cleveland who has the Indians, but it was kinda strange to hear).

In re: Guitar Hero culture

While lying in bed sick over the weekend I caught up on some Real Time with Bill Maher (via the podcast as I don’t have HBO) the show translates quiet well to an only audio experience and I applaud HBO for putting out the full show as a podcast.  Anyway in his closing bit, ‘new rules’ while making fun of a stampede on Americans Next Top Model (and equating it back to AIG somehow) he did point out what I thought was an interesting comment on our “Guitar Hero culture,  where everyone wants to be a rock star, but nobody wants to learn the chords.” Seems to be right on a number of levels in my mind, no offense to all the fans of the video game series (which to its credit seems a lot more active then a lot of other video games) but there is something interesting about pretending to play music rather than doing it (I guess you could say the same thing about a lot of video games)

In re: Wrong Side of History

Host Ira Glass speaks with Harold Wilshinsky about a piece of advice he gave to his daughter and son-in-law over 15 years ago: take your money out of the hands of Bernie Madoff, and diversify. Reluctantly, they listened to Harold, even though his son-in-law’s family was making a fortune investing with Madoff. But as history would have it, Harold would come out in the know. (8 minutes)

via This American Life.

Great episode of This American Life a few weeks back, just wanted to put a plug in for it  –  the prologue described above is amazing, hearing about 15 years of living in the shadow of your family telling you how big a mistake you made to take your money out of Madoff (they were making gobs of money) and poof, one day in 2009 everything flips.

The other stories are great too, especially the one on Bernie Epton who lost to Harold Washington in the race for Chicago mayor (Harold was the first black mayor of Chicago and if you don’t know went on to be quiet the mayor to say the least).