In re: Pasta w/ your bread

Its pretty standard to have a pasta dinner come w/ some kind of bread and I’ll admit despite this combination of starch based dish and then more starches, I am into it and I am just as happy as the next person for a salad, pasta and garlic bread.  That said Domino’s is off their rocker on their new line of bread bowls filled with pasta.  I mean these look like you took a loaf of bread, scooped out a bit of the bread and then put in a a bit of pasta.  The photos make it look like the pasta is a garnish really.  It seems strange, but I assume they did some product testing on this and people ordered it.

(Actually there is another possibility here that comes to mind and that is they are trying to ruin the pasta market that Pizza Hut is getting into.  Apparently Coke put out a clear cola Tab Clear (in a diet format) for the sole purpose of bringing down Crystal Pepsi that was starting to sell well at the time and it worked.  They are able to change the category and confuse people.  Here not sure if thats a possibility as people know what pasta is, but possibly the category is pasta from a pizza delivery chain)


2 Responses

  1. How can you give a review of something you haven’t even tried yet?? Sharing of opinions and differing viewpoints? Fabulous. Sharing non-information and baseless assumptions? Stupid.

  2. Jeannie –
    Review? Who said anything about a review. Just giving my thoughts on what looks like the worst food product of the year. Won’t be looking to review it anyway as Domino’s isn’t exactly a restaurant I plan to eat at. Hope you are enjoying it though, as it takes all types to keep this world going.

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