In re: Tim Hortons ads work

For some reason I like the idea of Tim Hortons. Yeah that might sound strange as it’s a big chain and I tend not to be into chains. Well for one I don’t really put my liking the idea into actual visits , but still something about it being Canadian, being formally owned by Ohio based Wendys and the novelty of being started by a hockey player. So like I said I don’t really go there often as I am not that into donuts and usually have coffee at home or in a local coffee shop, but somehow the other day I had what had to be a subliminally induced craving to try their Iced Capp that has recently been heavily advertised mainly discusing the reduced in price. Strangely I didn’t even know what an Iced Capp is, but still I went out of my way on a 90+ degree day to find out. I was right in guessing it is a sweetened frozen coffee drink from a blender or some dispenser and for some reason it hit the spot (strangely as I don’t really like sweetened coffee. It could have been the heat I was enduring as I treked to various ethnic grocers around Columbus who knows). Not sure if I will go get another anytime soon, but on Sunday it sure was great.


2 Responses

  1. Agreed. Doesn’t it suck when you suck all the capp out and you get down to the icy, flavorless slush? I just need to reiterate how much that sucks.

  2. In re: Tim Hortons Fact that it’s Canadian yet its south of the border has always tripped me out. Canada: 1, US: 1482935

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