In re: Playoffs full of ex-Indians

Good for them, but definitely sad for an Indians fan to see so many ex-Indians playing all over the playoffs.  Was thinking about this while watching the Cardinals/Dodgers series that seemed like almost everyone had been an Indian, “flyout from Belliard to Ludwick..”  it did seem like a good chunk of the players had been Indians (Ronnie Belliard, Ryan Ludwick, Manny Ramierez, Casey Blake, Mark DeRosa and even Jim Thome) but the rest of the playoffs seems to be loaded as well: CC Sabathia and Cliff Lee already got wins and then there is Carl Pavano and Victor Martinez.  Oh well, heres to next year.

I googled it and saw someone had noticed this already and had a good post on this “Littered with ex-Indians” from Waiting for Next Year.


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