In re: Another football story: “Is It Time to Retire the Football Helmet?”

“One of the strongest arguments for banning helmets comes from the Australian Football League. While it's a similarly rough game, the AFL never added any of the body armor Americans wear. When comparing AFL research studies and official NFL injury reports, AFL players appear to get hurt more often on the whole with things like shoulder injuries and tweaked knees. But when it comes to head injuries, the helmeted NFL players are about 25% more likely to sustain one.”

via Is It Time to Retire the Football Helmet? –


Another story on football head trauma, any interesting take that actually makes sense.  Rugby players definitely have huge risks of injury, but they ‘hit’ in a different manner than American football players do, almost never in rugby do player have the huge intensity driving tackles you see in the NFL, instead players bring them down in such open field tackling situations with more a judo move where you go with them going down with them, rather than through them.  Now there a lot of differences in rules that make inches gained throughout the field of football more important (first downs) but its just interesting.


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  1. You’re the one with the brains here. I’m wtcainhg for your posts.

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