In re: Clever Crow Pizza

Hadn’t really heard anything about the place, but had seen it walking past with my dog a few weeks back so when given a chance to go jumped on it.  If you don’t know Clever Crow Pizza is inside the Circus bar on High St. just north of 5th Ave in Columbus.  The pizza seems like an afterthought to the bar, but it was the reason we went.  The crust is definitely different, and what people talk about, its cornbread – chemical leavened I assume rather than a yeast pizza dough, which adds a whole different flavor dimension as well as the different texture.  The crust I think is pre or par baked allowing them to dish up half pizzas as well as slices which is a great option.  The crust definitely gets well done with some char on the bottom that I thought worked well.  The toppings are interesting and they have many combinations listed that feature some nice options including house made sausage, as well as some other house cured options like canadian bacon that seem to change frequently along with these  you can get ‘non-traditional’ additions that round out something like the sausage with some veggies like marinated green peppers and caramelized onions.  Definitely a different vibe in the place and I thought good pizza, that and some good draft beers round it out.


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