In re: Immigration could be path for Cleveland.

“The Jewish Community Federation of Cleveland, the chief planning and fundraising agency for the region’s 80,000 Jews, is committing resources to a center designed to attract international talent and investment. It’s offering expertise, start-up funding and the prospect of an enticing location — its headquarters building on Playhouse Square.

When federation leaders decided in fall 2008 to move their staff and operations to Beachwood, they vowed to make a visible re-commitment to the city. That may be by saying “Welcome” to the world.” “

via Cleveland’s Jewish community wants to welcome the world | Metro – –

Thought this was an interesting idea that the Jewish Community Federation of Cleveland is working towards in the wake of moving their headquarters out to the suburbs.  While these days immigration is a touchy subject, but in my mind it is mostly a good things and one of the reasons our country has thrived.  Cities like Ohio that have struggled could use very well new people with drive and ambition – this is both the highly qualified visa applicants for highly skilled positions but also others who are just looking for a better life.  Read about the plan to create a welcome center in the article above.


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