In re: Hello This American

Just saw on Ars Technica that This American Life has come out with an iPhone app.  I for one being a huge fan couldn’t be happier – why you ask?  Well the current podcasts are great, but often times when driving on a road trip I’d love to catch up on some older episodes, can’t do that (without buying them that is) without Flash – that pesky Adobe platform Apple seems to hate (apprently some of it is with good reason).  Anyway this app is a way around that, essentially giving you access to the complete streaming library.  Of course that means you need internet, don’t yet know how well it works over Edge (I’ve had good luck streaming podcasts while hitting the Edge pocket between Columbus and Cleveland on I-71 so heres hoping this does as well).  Either way, gonna go buy this now for $2.99 and I’ll let you know if its not all its cracked up to be.  (Oh and this is just ONE MORE example of why background audio apps at least would be a welcome addition to iPhone/iPad world).

“The most obvious appeal of the app is exactly what we just mentioned: you can access any episode, all the way back to 1995, for free at any time. That is, assuming you have some sort of wireless connection; you can stream the shows over 3G or WiFi all you want, but you cant download them for offline use like, say, when youre about to board a plane or go underground in the subway unless you buy the individual shows from iTunes.”

via Ars Technica: This American Life iPhone app gives fans unlimited content.

Update: So far loving the app, well designed, remembers where you left off when you restart, easy to search for shows, contributors, scroll by year etc.  Very nice (remember I am a TAL addict so take with grain of salt).


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