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Been in Spain now for over a week and have really been enjoying it. Figured I’d throw up a picture from sevilla here just by the Alcazar Palace and the gigantic (worlds largest depending how you measure it) catherdal here.


In re: Does Arnold control the weather?

It could be just a coincidence, but I doubt it.  Somehow Arnold, that is Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor of California can control the weather in Columbus.  This weekend is the annual Arnold Sports Festival here in Columbus, OH.  It began as a body building event but has grown into a huge fitness event that while still drawing body builders (makes for a strange crowd on the streets) but also more obscure things like table tennis.  The most remarkable part of the event is that it happens in the beginning of March and if I recall last year the weather was amazing (I doubt the people coming to Columbus from warm climates realize this of course), this year, it has not been very nice, until today when it feels like its 70 (it’s really 40 something, but oh so sunny and tomorrow is almost 50!).  So I say California is in good hands, your not going to fall into the ocean while he’s on the watch.

Anyway, good weekend for Columbus, the festival is a huge draw and it’s also a gallery hop weekend in the Short North, meaning two very different crowds will be out, with some cross over around the cap.

In re: Crew Stadium #1 stadium of the decade?

Crew Stadium Named #1 ?Stadia magazine is a pretty intense industry magazine from what I can tell on just what its says, Stadia.  It had ads for grass companies, seating and in-depth articles on the newest of those as well.  They recently in their 2010 showcase issue  celebrating their 10 years as a magazine had a list of “Ten from 10: In the last decade Stadia has chronicled the arrival of many new stadia, arena and sports facilities, but here’s our pick of the most notable facilities to have adorned our pages…”  Surprisingly, very suprisingly humble Crew Stadium here in north Columbus made the list, more surprising it was named #1.  Now of course it doesn’t compare in anyway size, feature, design, prestige, etc to most of the list that follows (the new Wembly stadium in London, the oversized larger than life Dallas Cowboys Stadium among others, but still they chose it #1.  The reason was more the impact the stadium has had on soccer in the US, being the first soccer only stadium in the MLS, being built as the vision of the late Lamar Hunt, and leading the trend so that now the norm in the MLS is to build a soccer only stadium.

While I appreciate just a bit more crew stadium now and am glad the crew isn’t playing in front of 90,000 empty seats in Ohio Stadium, I do think in my fantasy world that the crew should move to a downtown stadium the spot I propose is next to Abbot Labs just east of North Fourth St. south of 670 – I don’t even know if that is feasible for any number of reasons, land owner, if the lot is big enough, etc, but from my window it looks to be and would replace a pretty empty field, but would set it close enough to share the arena district resources, court casual soccer fans and add a vibe to the game of having pre and post game options in bars/restaurants that are not really a factor at the State Fairgrounds location.

So I guess it sounds pretty ungrateful saying all this after being named #1 and having a stadium and a team in the first place, but don’t forget that #1 was for being first and  now despite being not so old I think some people might be able to realize some improvements, aside from the location, building an urban, small and compressed stadium would allow our loud fans to have more impact and create an environoment where I think casual fans could learn the game and grow the sport.

Anyway, I got a bit off topic, but I did think the Stadia magazine top 10 was interesting and you can read the whole issue online which is kinda longer and more indepth then I was expecting, ended up reading some articles on plenty of strange topics I hadn’t thought about.  See the latest issue here: Stadia latest

The Black & Gold Standard (crew blog) has the quick list of the top 10 here:

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