In re: Does Arnold control the weather?

It could be just a coincidence, but I doubt it.  Somehow Arnold, that is Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor of California can control the weather in Columbus.  This weekend is the annual Arnold Sports Festival here in Columbus, OH.  It began as a body building event but has grown into a huge fitness event that while still drawing body builders (makes for a strange crowd on the streets) but also more obscure things like table tennis.  The most remarkable part of the event is that it happens in the beginning of March and if I recall last year the weather was amazing (I doubt the people coming to Columbus from warm climates realize this of course), this year, it has not been very nice, until today when it feels like its 70 (it’s really 40 something, but oh so sunny and tomorrow is almost 50!).  So I say California is in good hands, your not going to fall into the ocean while he’s on the watch.

Anyway, good weekend for Columbus, the festival is a huge draw and it’s also a gallery hop weekend in the Short North, meaning two very different crowds will be out, with some cross over around the cap.


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