In re: Karma Building

On University Avenue in Palo Alto, Calif., about as close to the heart of Silicon Valley as it’s possible to get, there’s a little two-story building not far from the train station. It’s got a vegan cafe on the first floor. Otherwise, it’s not all that remarkable. But for high tech entrepreneurs, 165 University is legendary. Some of the biggest and fastest-growing companies in the world got their start right there. Some of the corporate tenants have had such good luck, they call it the Karma building.

via The place for good business karma | Marketplace From American Public Media.

An amazingly interesting story on Marketplace today that mentioned a building that has hosted the startups of companies like Google and Paypal. ” Saeed Amidi is one of the owners of the Karma building. Years ago, his family started accepting equity from promising start-ups in exchange for a discounts on rent. The family invested on the ground floor of PayPal, and Google and a couple others. They went from owning this little rug shop to becoming almost accidental venture capitalists.”

Theres more to the story and how Amidi is creating an innovation building for startups, essentially incubator space with all kinds of resources for startups.  Check it out here.


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