In re: Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

I heard about this show (and identically named campaign of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution) on ABC a long time back and kind of forgot about it.  Recently I heard it already aired, but thanks to the magic of Hulu I was able to watch all six episodes of the show.  I gotta say I enjoyed the show that follows Jamie Oliver’s attempt to reform food and eating in Huntington, WV which had been named the most unhealthy city in the United States (but in reality is not real different from anywhere else in the US).  While the show has some gimmicky story arcs (a feud w/ a local DJ who he gets to come around, a feud w/ the school chef who comes around etc.) the overall theme is too important for me to get gummed up in such criticism.  The show does show the horror that is the US school lunch program, that pushes frozen, highly processed, unhealthy food. His quest is improve school foods and teach people to cook is an impressive mission that I think is gaining traction in a lot of places.  (For example Granville schools here in central Ohio see Tater Tots?  I Think Not).

What stood out to me as well as improving the food to using fresh food, was the number of students who didn’t know anything about food and made me think teaching cooking, eating and understanding where food comes from need to be parts of the curriculum, lunch shouldn’t be a break.

Anyway, its worth checking out while it’s still on Hulu.


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