In re: Foodie cart spoted in Cbus

Food carts. They seem to be all the rage these days with taco trucks taking over the scene in Columbus and with all kinds of crazy carts getting attention in the ‘hipper’ cities. Despite that Columbus still had not yet got in on the crazier concepts or some really upscale food in a cart. That is starting to change. Not that its upscale, but the food at Foodie cart is pretty high quality and is pushing the Columbus food cart envelope.
So what is Foodie cart? Well the name sure doesn’t give it away, but its Japanese crepes. What you say again? well don’t fear that doesn’t mean its scary, actually it just means anything goes and goes it does. Jerk beef? Lemon pork belly? yes and yes and many more (both savory and sweet). Essentially a Japanese crepe is a thin, slightly crispy, crepe, which can be filled with essentially anything. Foodie cart can be found setting up shop around town and tweeting their location seems like a great idea. When I saw they were downtown I just had to check it out and was quite impressed. They face the slight problem of having only one setup for making crepes but its not a long wait.  It was worth it and since my first trip they seemed to have improved their work flow getting you a crepe without much wait even with a small line.  So find where they are and go grab a crepe.  For more on them and some photos see this post on alt.eats.columbus

Foodie Cart can be found at @freshstreet on Twitter or


In re: Pandora + iOs 4

So you probably know I like the iPhone, I was one of those fools who paid way too much for the first one and have been hooked since. So like a true addict I was counting down the days to iOs 4.0 that added background processes for apps (I know, I could have been on Android doing stuff like that, but its not as good – sorry).

So while I am still using my 3GS and won’t be getting a iPhone 4 due to cost, I am happy getting my background music.

A few apps I use this makes a huge difference for, MLB’s amazing app and Pandora. Pandora was great before, but the inability to check email, or anything else for that matter made it limited, MLB had limited background abilities by using a Safari workaround. Now however I am happily streaming tunes or a game and zipping around doing other things. (For example today the Indians had a day game, I’m in NY for work and was able to pop on the game and still keep up w/ all my work emails that were pouring in. The only flaw is it doesn’t resume after a phone call MLB).

So while backgrounding is great, one of the other great improvements I didn’t really think about was the integration of the playback controls (pause, play, next , back) meaning that now I can plug my iphone into my car, start Pandora and skip tunes using the controls in my car – how amazing is that? (amazing I say) Makes me wonder why I have Sirius…
Okay probably too much of a post on what most people would say is a pretty small thing that Apple should have had all along but there you are.

In re: LeBronomics

While many if us in Ohio are still getting over Lebrons departure to Miami we gotta start looking to the future and move on.  So despite that one quick post on Lebron, well not really him, but rather the economics of Lebron.  But before that I will mention that I don’t mind him leaving if that’s what he wanted – but wished he could have done it differently. He could have hurt us less.  but oh well.

Anyway that’s not the point. I think I’ve mentioned but may not have that I love Plant Money an NPR podcast. They had a real interesting show on the economics of Lebron, including the conclusion that Lebron should not have gone to Miami (gasp).  Why?  Well Miami isn’t exactly a big city (compared to NY or Chicago) and to maximize happiness he should have gone to New York, in fact since they were so bad that he wouldn’t have to win for a while to make them happy – just being there would bring a lot of happiness for a large number of people.  Additionally putting all those stars together reduces the supply of stars and how much happiness they can provide (there is a limited amount of how much happiness the Heat can provide, presumably getting Wade and Bosh provides almost as much happiness as adding Lebron.

Anyway, check it out, a lot more interesting things about it (including the enjoyment rooting against someone may bring), check out some of their other pod casts (especially all the great episodes on Haiti – maybe you should check those out first actually.)

Lebronomics here and see planet moneys front page here

In re: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Just read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larson the first of his three part millennium trilogy published after he passed away. I enjoyed the book a lot, figured no need for a review here as it’s an epic bestseller and it seems like everyone else has already read it. So I’ll only mention one thing – it’s insane how much coffee they drink in this book (maybe all Swedes do?) either way it doesn’t matter what time of day they are drinking coffee in that book – I was impressed.

Oh one other thing to note is that the first book I ever read on a Kindle (borrowed) and was impressed. Haven’t tried reading a book on an iPad (no one lent me one yet?) to compare to but one thing that was nice about the kindle aside from the ability to read outside in bright sun and not strain the eyes is actually the lack of other stuff to do (technically it has some kind of web browser and an mp3 player, but trust me you aren’t going to be using these)  so instead of popping over to see your email or check your twitter feed you  stick to your book which has some advantages. I don’t know. Still figure I’d choose an iPad but who knows if amazon got the kindle below $100.