In re: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Just read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larson the first of his three part millennium trilogy published after he passed away. I enjoyed the book a lot, figured no need for a review here as it’s an epic bestseller and it seems like everyone else has already read it. So I’ll only mention one thing – it’s insane how much coffee they drink in this book (maybe all Swedes do?) either way it doesn’t matter what time of day they are drinking coffee in that book – I was impressed.

Oh one other thing to note is that the first book I ever read on a Kindle (borrowed) and was impressed. Haven’t tried reading a book on an iPad (no one lent me one yet?) to compare to but one thing that was nice about the kindle aside from the ability to read outside in bright sun and not strain the eyes is actually the lack of other stuff to do (technically it has some kind of web browser and an mp3 player, but trust me you aren’t going to be using these)  so instead of popping over to see your email or check your twitter feed you  stick to your book which has some advantages. I don’t know. Still figure I’d choose an iPad but who knows if amazon got the kindle below $100.


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