In re: Pandora + iOs 4

So you probably know I like the iPhone, I was one of those fools who paid way too much for the first one and have been hooked since. So like a true addict I was counting down the days to iOs 4.0 that added background processes for apps (I know, I could have been on Android doing stuff like that, but its not as good – sorry).

So while I am still using my 3GS and won’t be getting a iPhone 4 due to cost, I am happy getting my background music.

A few apps I use this makes a huge difference for, MLB’s amazing app and Pandora. Pandora was great before, but the inability to check email, or anything else for that matter made it limited, MLB had limited background abilities by using a Safari workaround. Now however I am happily streaming tunes or a game and zipping around doing other things. (For example today the Indians had a day game, I’m in NY for work and was able to pop on the game and still keep up w/ all my work emails that were pouring in. The only flaw is it doesn’t resume after a phone call MLB).

So while backgrounding is great, one of the other great improvements I didn’t really think about was the integration of the playback controls (pause, play, next , back) meaning that now I can plug my iphone into my car, start Pandora and skip tunes using the controls in my car – how amazing is that? (amazing I say) Makes me wonder why I have Sirius…
Okay probably too much of a post on what most people would say is a pretty small thing that Apple should have had all along but there you are.


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