In re: Good movies – A perfect world?

Getting ready for a trip out west by cleaning up and doing some laundry, while watching the Cavs season opener and poking around the internet.  I came across a video movie review of A Perfect World, a Clint Eastwood movie from the early 90s.  I was surprised to see the review give it really high marks, I had seen it back then and didn’t give too much thought to it but the review made me want to go check it out again as maybe there was more there then when I saw it (I was young then too).  It was strange to see it well regarded by the film critic because I had grouped it in my mind with the movies you just don’t think about.  A link to the review here.  Also speaking of Clint Eastwood, watched Invictus kind of recently, a bit overly sentimental, but possibly the right direction for the movie, enjoyed it a lot (partially because I had just been in South Africa this year and was interested) but also the story wasn’t exactly all about the Rugby and had an interesting focus on the people around Mandela at the start of the post-apertheid South Africa.


In re: home security innovations

Home Security Innovations for Modern Living

“as a modern semi-adult, your designer possessions represent most of your net worth.  Her’s how you can protect them from shifty bike messengers and thieving house guests while appearing to live modestly during this time of economic turdness”

Checkout lunchbreath for the amusing cartoon.