In re: Country of Origin?

“The concept of country of origin for manufactured goods has gradually become obsolete.”

An interesting article in the WSJ on tech supply chains and the problem with a lot of trade statistics. Remember how much of a trade deficit we have? Well apparently the iPhone’s wholesale cost counts towards China’s exports, not ours. Its interesting as really the only issue is statistics, but in today world where a device like the iPhone contains parts from any number of countries all around the world, is designed in a different country and assembled in China, well it just might not fit neatly into the stats of old. This type of production makes enormous sense, have everyone work on what they are best at, but it leads to strange results. One pair of pants I once bought in the US had a label that read “Made in Mexico with United States fabric” – a lot of trucking going on to make those.

“Chinese labor accounted for only a few dollars of the iPod’s value, even though trade statistics credited China with producing its full value.”

Read the article at the WSJ here


In re: The beer can is back?

Fireside Chat Can

21st Amendment's Seasonal Fireside Chat in a Can?

A couple of weeks ago I was in Whole Foods up in Cleveland and I was buying a few random loose beers to have around my folks house.  One of the things I grabbed was some Brooklyn Brewery Brown Ale, nothing strange about that except it was in a can.  Not too many craft beers are found in cans, makes sense I would think as cans seem like a bigger operation (I don’t really know though).  Thinking about it now though I also had some Newcastle in a can this past summer which I thought was cool (I like the Geordie’s finest export, and in a can somehow was quite exciting – lame I know).  Anyway back to the present, today I was back here in Columbus walking up to pick up a sixer at the Dairy Family on 5th ave (which I might add has a very impressive selection of beer, kinda amazing in fact how much stuff they cram in there – alas to GLBC Xmas Ale, but still some good stuff).  I ended up grabbing a beer again in cans, and it wasn’t Strohs.  21st amendment out of San Francisco brews beer in cans (actually the canned beer is brewed in Minnesota, not sure exactly the logistics on it).  The box points out the many reasons, both durability wise (no light) and environmentally for using cans and I gotta say having a good beer (it was their Fireside Chat a ‘Winter Spiced Ale’, cool name and graphics and actually thought it was a pretty nice beer, wouldn’t have guessed it was 7.8%). out of a can is fun.  Not sure if this novelty value of it will last long, but it would seem to me that more beers should go to the can route.  Carrying the six-pack home  was definitely easier than bottles and fit in my fridge oh so nice.

In re: Google Autocomplete Redefines U.S. Map

“What happens if you let the notoriously fickle and sometimes downright dirty Google search autocomplete feature take over U.S. geography? A completely new State of the Union heavy on universities, history and other peculiarities, thats what.” via Google Autocomplete Redefines U.S. Map.

See the map and what happens when you let autocomplete fill in for each state in the US, kinda interesting at the link above to Gizmodo.