In re: Starbucks homebrew…

“As the amount of Americans who home-brew increases, Starbucks will continue to lose out on potential grocery store sales.” — Forbes article on why Starbucks should get out of its deal with Kraft (which is already happening, Kraft has sued over it) and get into K-cups the Keurig/Green Moutain coffee machine.

I am just a bit curious how Forbes thinks that home brewed coffee is on the rise, it may be so, but I have to assume the author means those who use single serving machines like the Keurig.  Anyway, just thought it was a strange comment.  I agree that being locked into Kraft’s system makes no sense (no one has one) and the premium available on single serving coffee I imagine is nice.

In other Starbucks news I noticed that they are dropping the name Starbucks from their logo, guess they are trying to be like Nike or other ‘symbol brands’ not a bad move, may take some time to adjust but whenever I see those type of logos I think of the ad-busters calendar I had that talks about how many brand logos we can recognize and how few plants we can.