In re: How a banned Polish vodka finally made it to the US

Came across this article and plan to check out the US version.  A long time ago had tried Żubrówka in Poland and despite being not that into Vodka thought it was really good and brought back a bottle (didn’t know it was illegal exactly, just thought you couldn’t sell unfiltered vodka in the US).  An interesting story on it over at the WSJ.


“BIALYSTOK, Poland—Distillers here have the American spirit—vodka from where the buffalo roam. But this cocktail has a twist: Its banned in the U.S.Now, after nearly a decade of work on two continents to formulate and brand a legal version of the alcohol, its producers are taking a shot at the American market. The booze, called Żubrówka, is unusual because it is flavored with a rare, pungent wild grass enjoyed by European bison. Each bottle has a blade of the grass in it for the drinker to admire.Remy Cointreau USA, Inc.Żu brand Żubrówka, a Polish vodka flavored with bison grass.”

via Name Your Poison: How a Banned Polish Vodka Buffaloed Its Way Into the U.S. –