In re: the future of tv advertising?

Saw a post that talked about a new idea for getting ads into tv reruns, editing in ads into the show that weren’t there before.  Kinda sounds strange if you think about it, seeing a Seinfeld episode from the early 90s with an ad for a current movie on a bus going by — but if you think about it more it does provide a possible future advertising improvement, similar to target online advertising, by leaving in green spaces or blank tv screens that would allow more localized placement or even Google style completely target ads based on whats in your DVR.  Sports have gotten into this a bit, although target for live events, it allows TV networks to put in ads that the people at the game don’t see.  To me if it means getting commercial free soccer, or keeping the price down on going to a baseball game (and not seeing an ad behind homeplate at the stadium no less) I am all for it.

They’re Putting New Ads In Old TV Reruns

via They’re Putting New Ads In Old TV Reruns.


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