In re: breakfast tacos

Not a breakfast taco, but two delicious tacos from Torchy's in Austin


Recently took a trip to Austin, TX and came away wanting to go back for a number of reasons.  One of them has to be the breakfast tacos, not necessarily the actual items which can be duplicated fairly easily at home, but the idea of them.  There is something about the cross cutting nature of the breakfast taco in Austin that is interesting to see – Mexican places have them (so called interior Mexican), Tex-Mex places most definitely have them, and so do Burger King, coffee shops and taco chains and all serve real breakfast tacos because the ‘true’ breakfast taco is an American creation riffing off the Mexican taco of course and sometimes using Mexican ingredients.  Anyway, back to the taco, you can do anything with it, I think eggs make sense as the only given, flour tortillas are the norm in Austin and point to its anglo roots.  Other than that you could go in any direction – American cheese and jimmy dean sausage, sure why not, but you could of course go towards more interesting ingredients, delicious fresh salsas, mexican cheeses, avocado, fresh chilies, beans, chorizo?  All sound good and all have a place.
This morning looking at a freshly picked banana pepper (spicy) from our garden – the first pepper of the year – I decided a breakfast taco was in order.  And here is where they are great, they are so scalable.  I wanted a lighter meal so one taco for me, one for the gf using one egg split made for a perfect meal w/ some fresh blueberries, but hungover craving a large meal three tacos w/ chorizo would fit that bill too.

Today’s breakfast taco featured:
2 flour tacos griddled them to be hot, but not crispy
1 egg, beaten w/ a dash of milk, pepper and salt
finely chopped onion (red today) sauteed
chopped banana pepper (hot) sauteed w/ the onion
chopped tomato (added to the egg mid cooking)
dash of Tapatio
green onion tops for garnish
shredded cheese (was TJ’s Mexican blend)

After cooking the onion and pepper quickly, took 1/3 of it out to garnish on top, then added the egg and scrambled adding tomato part way through just to warm.  topped w/ cheese to slightly melt.  put half of the egg, pepper and onion filling into each taco, top w/ the remaining onions/peppers and green onions and a few dashes of hot sauce (some Tapatio today)

It was delicious, featuring the fresh flavor of the banana pepper whose heat was slightly cut by sauteing it.  Served w/ some blueberries it was a quick meal start to finish and we were off to work.

See NY Times United Tastes– Tacos in the Morning? That’s the Routine in Austin
for more on breakfast tacos in Austin  (oh and for Torchy’s that does have breakfast tacos as well as the delicious ones above, I think one was brisket and one was fried avocado see their website here)


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