In re: Flip Flop Fly Ball

Recently recieved as an early birthday present (very early indeed) a fantastic book Flip Flop Fly Ball by Craig Robinson.  I had seen a few shots from the book and knew instantly when I saw it that I would love it.  (I love graphical representations of information and have the amazing Charles Joseph Minard depiction of Napoelon’s march on Russia hanging in my office — order here)  What I didn’t realize and if you don’t want the amazing opening lines of the book ruined stop reading now — the author is not American, didn’t grow up watching baseball, got interested in it less than 8 years ago and lived in Germany at the time he got into baseball.  What you say!  I was surprised to say the least, but he has a great story of how he got into baseball, watched on the internet and eventually created all kinds of amazing infographics depicting all kinds of cool stats like the altitudes of each ball park and a venn diagram taxonomy of team names.  So for any baseball fans who have a soft spot for good visual design and some nifty infographics I highly recommend Flip Flop Fly Ball.

see his blog Flip Flop Fly Ball and also see a review on Slate of the book Flip Flop Fly Ball: Four infographics from Craig Robinsons baseball graphics tour de force. 1 – By Craig Robinson – Slate Magazine.


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