In re: Paella


Last year I took a trip to Spain and brought back an amazingly cheap (around 5 euros on clearance ) paella pan that I found on clearance at El Corte Ingles (where I found myself frequently shopping with their open late grocery store – a rarity in Spain).
Anyway since then I hadn’t gotten around to giving the pan a spin but the other night we finally did. Due to bad weather ended up indoors, which led to some less than ideal results as the pan isn’t made to lie flat on a smooth electric stove top and that led to hotspots and burning when I tried to form the all important crust (soccarat). That said I was happy with the flavor overall despite being fairly inexperienced with making paella, but do plan to do it outside next time – and there will be a next time.

The basics of what I did are below:

Cooked up some cured chorizo to render a bit of fat. (they have some dried Spanish chorizo at Weilands here in Columbus)
Browned chicken pieces (legs here) and removed.
Cooked up a sofrito (onions, then garlic and then grated tomato – used 2 tomatoes and 1/2 an onion, 3 cloves garlic)
Added rice (short grain, of course Spanish Bomba or Calispara work, but could use arborio or others as well)
Cooked slightly added wine, then smoked paprika, stock, saffron and chicken, sausage and baked for a bit. Then added more liquid because my pan was so short compared to rice volume and tucked in mussels and shrimp and added peas.
Baked then stove top for crust (don’t burn like I did).
Garnish with parsley and lemon
Enjoy with some chilled wine or a cold nice dry sherry (manzanilla would be nice).

Dessert was some vanilla ice cream with some pedro ximenez poured on top.


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