In re: peach cobbler

Been eating a lot of these amazing Ohio peaches that are now in season (the above peaches from Utica Ohio).  While they are of course amazing all by themselves, occasionally you gotta change it up.  Having just seen Jamie Oliver make a nice looking rustic apple tart, my take away from it was the idea to start on the stove top and to use sugar and alcohol.  So I put one of my small Le Cruset cast iron pans that I find useful for roasting veggies and other small side items.  I had never used it on the stove top, but put it on, tossed in some sugar and once it had colored added some rum and the peaches.  Once I cooked this for a bit I topped the peaches with a wet sweet biscuit/cobbler type topping and let it bake.  While it was completely rustic and probably not too appealing looking it was good and very easy.


Peaches w/ sugar and rum on the stove top


Kind of like a biscuit dough, but with some sugar and rum - barely mixed


doesn't look like much - but it'll be tasty


All done- Peach cobbler