In re: Bar behind us finally

Have waiting , and waiting, and waiting, the bar results finally came out last Friday morning for Ohio.  I logged onto the site at 7:10am to see and was pleased to see that I had passed, that’s right, hard to believe, a real live attorney.  Anyway, I wasn’t as thrilled or excited as I thought I’d be, don’t get me wrong I was definitely thrilled, but I didn’t have any urge to run around screaming or to get overall excited.  The feeling was more relief than anything else, knowing that I wouldn’t have to endure 2 months of studying again (the studying is horrible, the exam itself at 2.5 days wasn’t so bad I thought).

20 years of education and now I can give you some legal advice (not you the reader of course, as nothing on in re: is legal advice, but still, kinda an amazing thing to think)


In re: The waiting is almost over.

There are of course many worse things in this world, but for bar takers from this past summer one of their worst things is the final week waiting for results, having folks asking about it non stop and trying to remember how they did months ago to reassure yourself.  Its long been put out of our control, now its just waiting until the arbitrary 7am posting of the results.  The horror of the whole thing is the studying, with failure brings another 2 months of cramming, the worst studying experience one can dream up.

So while its not life or death, and when you put it in perspective its only ‘a test’ for those of us who have been waiting 3 months for our results it feels like it and no matter what you try and do you can’t keep thinking through the scenarios, what you’ll do if you pass, if you fail, what you’ll say, how you will try and cope.  To everyone with a few minutes still to go, were almost there.

In re: bar off our backs

Well Its been over a week now of living in post bar exam bliss, all the useless knowledge that had been methodically crammed in over the course of two months has been dumped unceremoniously on the concrete floor of Veterans Memorial hall in downtown Columbus, if it didn’t end up on one of the 12 essays, two MPTs or the MBE.  This past Monday brought back the stark real world reality of work, except in a post bar exam world the stark real world reality of work is hey, life ain’t too bad and work, well it ain’t too bad either – so basically until the high runs out, going to work and having my evenings free, rather then spent in the library reviewing the rules of joinder and interpleader, is quite like being on vacation, with the perk of being paid for it!

Otherwise been trying to get all the stuff done that I easily pushed aside during bar studying, mainly stupid stuff around the house.   Cheers to August!

In re: Ohio Bar Exam Begins… Tomorrow

Tomorrow the Ohio bar exam starts at 9am and for those of us studying its almost a sigh of relief to finally get to the bar (that doesn’t mean we feel prepared).  Today I tried to study, but it is really hard to try and do anything meaningful last minute for an exam that is so broad in scope and that you’ve been studying for so long for.  So after struggling to focus in the library today (went out of habit, seems like most others have given up on the library by now as its getting more and more empty) I went home and opened up the windows, put on some nice music and tried to relax, read a few old Ohio essay questions but mainly indulged my dog Charlie’s attempts to play.  Hopefully a low key evening will lead to a good night of sleep and no problems waking up (got multiple alarms going just in case) as I have never taken a test with so much riding on it (kinda scary really).  Here’s to not freaking out and getting through the 2 and 1/2 days of test taking that lay ahead of us.  See you on the flip side.

In re: Bar exam nears

From the dearth of posts recently you may have gathered that the bar is getting closer and closer.  Studying for the bar is extremely annoying because most of the stuff your cramming into your head will be long gone come August  (after hopefully vomiting the information you stuffed in your head in a nicely ordered sequence that pleases the bar readers just enough to pass you) and mostly useless in the grand scheme of things, but then there is also the joy in having a general knowledge of all subjects of law (well those tested).  Well back to the books, enjoy your weekends, the weather is real nice inside the law library of ohio state.

In re: Charles Whitebread lecture at Bar/Bri today

charliewhitebread.jpgIf you are or have been in law school pretty much anywhere in the country then you probably have heard of Professor Whitebread of USC.  The reason I say that is each fall he somehow visits practically a third of the law schools in the entire country (I think his site said 81 law schools this year) talking about writing essays in law school, or something to that effect (it was 1L year, which was a long time ago).  Well aside from this and teaching a few courses at USC he teaches the Bar/Bri course in criminal law in 25 classes.  How is this possible?  How can one person do all this, it doesn’t seem to make sense and why would he want to bother with all that travel.  It does help that he has quite an amazing style to his speaking (and an uncanny impersonation of small woodland creatures).

Some might complain that he narrows down the subject of Criminal Law to too little (he claims that cutting all the extra out is good as you can’t learn it all anyway and I might agree).  Anyway, he is quite a legend, quite a personality and it seems he makes quite an impact on the community of law students through his efforts, although I am a bit confused about his lecture circuit where he (or is it Thompson West the owner of Bar/Bri?) gives out a free copy of his little book on lawschool and I believe a pizza lunch as well.

In re: MRPD – Most ridiculous product of the day

hydrocoach_1.jpgSitting in the PMBR multistate bar review class each day this week has proved to be insightful, both for learning (relearning I should say) the law school basics that we were long oh so long ago i my first year of law school and also for learning about the Hyrdacoach. Now, it took me a few days of seeing this bottle before remembering its name and remembering to look up what it is. It was worth the wait but unfortunately I have come to question how i’ve been able to stay hydrated without it.

HydraCoach has introduced the worlds first interactive water Bottle. It calculates your personal hydration needs, tracks your real-time fluid consumption, paces you throughout the day, and motivates you to achieve and maintain optimal hydration.”

Now I may be the only skeptical one (others seem to love it?), but somehow we’ve been able to survive to this day with just old fashioned bottled water (and somehow survived before event hat). As a consumer of useless gadgets I for one should appreciate this type of advanced hydration technology, but all I could do is laugh at the idea and the funny looking bottle (oh and at $30 its no more expensive then my coffee mug that doesn’t have any electronics)