In re: Coffee hypocrisy

keurig.jpgSo I’ve been accused of being a hypocrite before, being a ‘flip flopper’ or the like and I say yeah, well I think thats really not that bad a thing. What does it mean? it means that I don’t become so entrenched in my view that I am not willing to change when events change or I learn new information (maybe our politicians will learn from me?) (you may also remember some rants on product (red) stuff but when confronted with christmas card choices I opted for that, so at least I am consistent in my inconsistency?)

You may remember my earlier diatribe against single serving coffee machines and how they were the sign of the apocalypse, and now only a year removed I am now the owner of one such machine (a Keurig) that sits in my office pumping out the presealed, individual cups. So what changed? Well for one the machine is in response to the truly truly horrible coffee that Aramark supplies my office with and instead of trying to make the change in coffee at an institutional level I decided to just save myself.

Once it was decided that I was gonna go at it alone on the coffee front, what kind of coffee maker to use? French press? Drip, etc. Well it was tough and I spent some time, but the big factor was that I really didn’t need to make whole pots and the annoyance of having to go fetch water each day (filtered water is at the other end of the floor) and the single serve machines really only require filling once a week.

So I now have a coffee maker that I’ll admit doesn’t make the best coffee in the world, but is far superior to the junk in our break room and takes very little time to make. The only downside aside from the high per cup cost (still much cheaper than Starbucks) is the noise of the machine that alerts everyone that I am having another cup of coffee.

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